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Ad Fatigue 🥱

How to avoid it on TikTok.

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TikTok’s Web Auction Best Practices

TikTok has provided best practices for web auction campaigns. Let’s take a look at recommendations related to creative:

Creative Diversity

  • Use at least 3-5 unique creative assets per Ad Group

Creative Quality

  • Videos should not be below 720p
  • Ensure your videos have audio/sound
  • Videos should be longer than 5 seconds, ideally 21-34 seconds

Creative Optimization

  • Use diversified Ad Groups to compare performance of different creative styles
  • Partner with TikTok creators using the TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • Use CapCut to edit your videos
  • Find third-party creative agencies to help on TikTok Creative Exchange

Ad Fatigue

  • Refresh creative when experiencing fatigue and/or adjust your targeting, bidding, and budget strategies
  • To identify ad fatigue, use “Fatigue Index” that measures day-to-day changes in CPA, reach rate, and performance.

Check out the full resource PDF from TikTok.

Q for You

Google has rolled out conversational AI for search ads in the U.S. and U.K. Do you plan to test it?

Nozier One

Ever wanted to be the DJ of your own soundscape? Nozier One’s simple UI lets you mix and layer sound cards to build a world of background noise—from cafe chatter to passing trains, ASMR to white noise, and beyond. Toggle through variants and save to your ideal soundscape to a playlist.

Must Be Chill

Coors Light is resurrecting the 900 mph Chill Train from 2005 for a :30 Super Bowl spot this year with beer can-shaped train cars and the chance to be a CGI passenger for 100 contractually chill winners. Plus, a $500 talent payout.

In a spot that’s sure to include some familiar faces and Easter eggs, Coors Light is appealing to the anxiety all of us. TBH, who doesn’t need a one-way ticket and a first-class seat on the Chill Train?

A beer can shaped train races through an arctic terrain. "All Abourd the Chill Train"

Ads from the Past

It could be the end of the rubber duck as we know it.

Epson, 1983


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