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That’s the Spirit 👻

This is Halloween so ’tis the season for Twitter to be in a hellscape and spooky marketing.

Sorry for the missing Poll last week, it was rented out by a Spirit Halloween.

Be in the Know

19 A/B Tests You Should Run on Your Website

Sometimes it’s not the most obvious A/B tests that drive the most growth. But you won’t know until you start testing things out. So what should you test? Here are some ideas to help you out:


  • Serif vs. sans serif
  • Colors
  • Font size
  • Type faces

Calls to Action

  • Position
  • Color
  • Text

Pricing Schemes

  • Freemium vs. free trial vs. money back guarantees
  • Free trial length
  • Pricing each plan

Landing Page Copy

  • Short-form copy vs. long-form copy
  • Video vs. text sales pages
  • Actual text

A/B Tests for Your Website

  • Number of columns
  • Background images and patterns
  • Navigation links
  • Link colors
  • Contact form fields

Check out all the deets for all 19 tests in Neil Patel’s post!


You’ve probably heard this little diddy as the creator’s manifesto:

Everything is content, everything is content.

Don’t forget to film it, don’t forget to film it.

So here’s a tool to film and record more things. Capture. Everything. Do it with Detail that connects your iPhone, DSLR, or webcam so you can record your camera and screen, or multiple camera angles at the same time for one take. Then remix your footage into horizontal to vertical videos. They even have live streaming options. See it for yourself and start streamlining your content creation.

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Treasures from a Past Life

eBay France released this touching ad about a daughter discovering her father’s past photography passion and how she uses the internet to fix his vintage camera. It’s sweet and pretty and has a funny twist.

“Le site qui n’est jamais parti revient” translates to “the site that never left returns.” So it’s a little nod that if you forgot about eBay, it’s reminding you that it’s here to deliver.

Ads from the Past

1978, Panasonic


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