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Things are changing to a new “normal.” How are you keeping yourself on your game?

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5 Tips for Managing PPC Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

We all know by now that things will never be the same after this past year’s events. Things we used to not think twice about – shaking hands, crowding elevators, and dining out – have all seen reconsiderations and revised practices. And while the digital ecosystem provided safety from the pandemic, it saw its own challenges and plenty of changes.

BUT, things are looking up. In the wake of this chaotic year, Search Engine Journal has 5 tips for managing PPC.

  • Pivot to Normal-ish. Different areas will have their own protocols for COVID-19. Whether it’s mask-wearing, capacity limits, or continued closures, be aware of what is happening in the places you’re running ads. Remain sensitive to the issue at hand so your ads don’t seem out of touch.
  • Evaluate Business Value Propositions & Messaging. Many businesses revised their practices to provide a safe way for customers to explore products and services and ultimately make purchases. While these revised practices still have a place, it will be important to explore new avenues as they open up. Furthermore, keep on top of your messaging and imagery in search and banner ads to account for social distancing, mask-wearing, etc.
  • Optimize Budgets & Spend. You may be allocating more budget for keywords people are more likely to search with COVID-19 in mind. Readjust your budgets to reflect post-pandemic searches and interests. Make sure you’re spending efficiently by employing automated bidding.
  • Reconsider Your Channels. Facebook has seen an increase in usage of messaging and call services that it hasn’t monetized. This has led to a decrease in ad revenue and lower competition on some digital ad platforms. As people continue consuming content, look to YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter for ad placements.

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Q for You

Do you actively use online tools that help you stay focused and curb distractions?

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Can’t Chill? Can Relate.

We’ve all been there. Trying to unplug from work and unwind on vacation. The art of being relaxed means letting go of your worries. But like, how do you do that?

This Snickers ad shows the stresses of adulthood creeping in and tells us all to chill with a Snickers Ice Cream Bar. We confirm it’s a good tip even when you aren’t on a beach.

Ads from the Past

1938, A&P Bakers

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”

Dave Willis


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