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An email full of marketing blunders to make you feel good about yourself.

3 Cringe-Worthy Marketing Mistakes & the Lessons Learned from Them

Mistakes are the worst.

But making the occasional “oops” is still the best way to learning something. Mistakes happen. No one is superhuman. Not. Even. Us.

Take our email for instance. Unfortunately, there were more times than we like to mention of us putting in the wrong links or having one too many grammatical errors. But, you guys love our flaws, right? Right, guys? RIGHT!? (pls say yes).

We’re straying a tiny bit to remedy those Monday blues by trading the hard tactics for real-life lessons. From the ‘oh, come on’ moment after getting a cease and desist letter (been there) to the “NOOOOOOOOOO!” moment of going $5,000 over budget on Facebook ads.

So, grab a granola bar (coffee is such a given at this point) and enjoy these snippets of cringe-worthy marketing blunders.

Emailing those hot leads.

“We once had a workflow set up in HubSpot to notify our client via an email when they got “a new hot lead” (yes, the email used those words). After around 10 emails we realized they were actually being delivered to the lead instead of our clientWe just hoped the leads took being called ‘hot’ as a compliment.”

Lesson: When it comes to internal versus external communication, it’s always a good idea to have a second set of eyes on your work.

Drunk tweeting from the company account.

“I was going to be in New York for a tradeshow and decided to fly in early to visit my best friend in Brooklyn. That night, we embarked on what could only be described as a “hipster bar crawl through Williamsburg.” Before we knew it, it was 1 am.

Without checking which account I was logged into, I typed out a tweet (something to the effect of “Having a really good time in WilliamsBLAAAARRRGHHH”) and hit send.

10 minutes later my CEO was calling me from San Francisco asking me what was going on with our Twitter account! Commence my drunken frenzy to delete my tweet. Fortunately, nothing too inflammatory or profane went out, but our Twitter account definitely looked drunk!”

Lesson: Don’t drink and tweet. Just do yourself a favor a log out of any professional accounts before a night out.

And, we gotta know: what was your biggest marketing blunder? Jump into our Facebook Group to let us know!

The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach & How to Adjust to the Algorithm

Look, it’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach is complete trash. The average post reaches less than 2% of a page’s audience. That’s, like, really bad.

So what do you do? Just give up, quit, and go home crying?

Yep, that’s exactly what you should do. But while you’re at home crying, you can come up with a new strategy to actually have success on the platform.

If there’s one thing to keep in mind when coming up with your new strategy, it’s this quote from Facebook’s Head of News Feed Research:

“Interacting with people … is associated with a greater sense of well-being. And the benefits [to the content creator] are even stronger when you’re close to the person, and when the interaction requires some effort.”

We’ll sum that quote up…to have success on the ‘book, you need to create content that engages people and requires effort on your part. Facebook is straight up saying, “ya gotta work for it, son.”

So where should you start? Here are a few ideas…

  • Be more selective about what you post. Stop with the spray and pray method, and focus on getting more interaction on fewer posts. To pull this off successfully, make sure you’re using the “choose your audience” option that Facebook gives you on organic posts.
  • Educate your super fans to update their notification settings from your page. Rather than just following your page, top fans can change their settings to always see your posts. You probably won’t get a lot of response from this, but every little bit helps.
  • Share engaging videos on Facebook. Do we really need to talk about how important video is on Facebook? You already know this, so if you’re not creating FB videos, why the heck not!?
  • Start treating Facebook like a paid ad platform. You truly don’t need a huge budget to have success on the Facebook ads side. You can make a huge difference by just running $5 a day to your ads. Every little bit helps.

Barely scratched the surface on this one. Take the jump for all of it…

Give In to the Bunny

You know a good way to really enjoy a sundae? Being pantsless.

Now you might be thinking, “Whoa, it’s a Monday morning. Simmer down with the no pants talk.” But, don’t blame us! The ice cream brand, Blue Bunny introduces a blue, pants thievin’ bunny in their newest campaign.

The goal here? Why get all dressed up and go to the nearest ice cream shop when you can have a scrumptious sundae at home?

Why this works:

  • Humor. It’s simple, humor just works. Think of brands like Geico, Doritos, or almost any company that launched a super bowl ad. When it’s done right, people get excited about it and want to tell others immediately. Now, this one isn’t super bowl worthy but it got us to crack a smile so we’ll give it a 5 out of 10.
  • Realistic. The scenario in the commercial could very well actually happen. We’re not saying a rabbit is going to come steal your jeans. But if you’re having a lazy Sunday and craving some ice cream. Blue Bunny says they have the sweet treats you want in your freezer.

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.”

Robert Rose

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