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All about Customer Intelligence.

What is Customer Intelligence?

Customer intelligence (CI) is the collection and analysis of patterns within customer data in order to:

  • Predict behavior.
  • Identify trends and opportunities.
  • Improve customer experiences.
  • Increase loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer intelligence platforms can collate CRM and ERP data, social and web analytics, email marketing data, and data from other sources. This infrastructure allows marketers to segment customers, identify patterns, analyze predictive analytics, and understand customer behavior and preferences.

Benefits of strategically collecting, analyzing, and executing against CI include:

  • More precise segmentation
  • Higher engagement
  • Competitive advantage
  • Insights into product development
  • Lower churn
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Measurable ROI

Check out the Meltwater blog for examples of CI in action.

Smash or Pass

Hair dye brand oVertone has partnered with boxed-wine brand Franzia to release wine-inspired colors.

Glasses of red wine are set up next to containers of oVertone hair dye conditioner


Curious about the user-tracking technologies a website may be using to get your data? Enter the address of any website into Blacklight and get real-time privacy report and insights on what’s installed, including ad trackers, third-party cookies, screen recording services, keystroke capture technology, and more.

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Wanda Sykes wears a blue blouse and a black blazer and holds a microphone

No Joke

CW: Gun violence

Sandy Hook Promise has launched a PSA to encourage people to take threats of violence seriously. The 2-minute ad opens with a series of well known comedians making concerning threats during a stand-up routine, while the audience laughs them off. We later find that each “joke” was indeed a real threat from a real school shooter—because 80% of them tell someone about their plans.

Ads from the Past

A woman appears from the waist down in a swimsuit holding a walkman

Fisher Walkman, 1987


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