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4 Simple Ways to be More Productive in 2020

With 2 weeks to go, we’re guessing you’re trying to get a jump on the new year. All the while, dreaming about kicking back with some Winter Red Wine Sangria🍷and binging your new fav show. Amirite? Yeah, same here fam, same here.  

The good news? You have some time yet to reflect on 2019. And that’s how you’ll get ahead of 2020. Keep reading for 4 steps that will raise your productivity bar for the year and decade ahead.

Step 1: Reflect to reboot. 

Whip out the yoga mat or pour yourself a cup of coffee; whatever you need to do. Take a minute to consider YOU. What did you accomplish in 2019? What projects didn’t get done? Jot down a few concrete, attainable goals for the year ahead. 

Step 2:  What’s holding you back? 

What’s making you pump the breaks on attaining your goals? Breakthrough a self-imposed boundary by acknowledging and identifying the culprit. 

Step 3:  What’s in your stack?

We’re as guilty as the next guy when it comes to signing up for an overwhelming number of tools throughout the year. Do an assessment of your productivity stack to ensure everything you’re paying for actually helps you.

Step 4:  Modernize your calendar. 

Get intentional about how you plan, manage, and spend your time. Toss aside the ol’ paper calendar, or the mess with multiple google calendars between work and play.

Woven Calendar is the cooler-than-sliced-bread-kind-of-tool that’s on a mission to bring busy bees like us a smart, collaborative scheduling calendar.

It’s time to adopt a calendar that will take you where you want to go in 2020. Scroll down to the Tools section and check out the features included with Woven Calendar!

Woven Calendar

So, about that calendar that’s going to make you more productive in 2020.

It’s called Woven. We featured it before and the feedback was 🔥. With 2020 right around the corner, we figured y’all would like a productivity recommendation. 

Woven helps people get more stuff done. From smart templates to scheduling links, and group polls, Woven is truly the all-in-one calendar.

The best part? It’s free and it connects to your existing Google or G Suite accounts.

Smash that button below and get your productivity on.

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1947, Ripon

“If you do it now, you’ll never run out of time.”



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