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The survey results are in!

6 blogging mistakes and a marketing salary breakdown.

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What do you think is the biggest culprit behind underperforming blog content?

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6 reasons you’re not generating leads with your blog content

Trial and error is a great teacher. We can learn from our mistakes and ultimately overcome our greatest challenges. Through trial and error, we can master our content. Maybe you’ve already been through the wringer a few times with your own content, and you’re still not getting the results you want. If so, here are Impact’s 6 reasons you’re not generating leads with your blog content 

  • You’re writing about the wrong topics. The more content you publish, the more traffic you’re bound to get. Of course, while there are endless things to write about, the topics your audience cares about are more limited. To convert prospects you must demonstrate how you can solve their problems. Focus on their problems, pricing, and where you stack up against competitors rather than just what shows high search volume.
  • Your content has no personality. If people can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. Let your personality shine through in your writing. If your blog sounds more human and more relatable, then they’ll trust you more easily. If your content is too dry and void of any character, then it won’t be interesting. Write the same way you talk and tie your topics to your own experiences.
  • You’re selling too hard. Once someone lands on your site, they may very well expect to see content aimed directly at selling them on your products. Make it your mission to share valuable content rather than self-promotional articles. This might look like an objective comparison of competitors’ products vs your own or even helping your reader determine if your products are a good fit for them at all.
  • You have no clear next steps. Excluding a CTA in your blog is like forgetting to provide an exit in a corn maze: there’s no clear path. Perhaps the next step is to purchase your product, read a related article, or download a white paper. Whatever it is, make it clear so the reader has no questions about what to do next. Guide them to your CTA.

4 down, 2 more to go. Don’t miss them!

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How do I stack up?

It’s a question we ask ourselves regarding various facets of our lives. Daily Carnage community member Steve Lamar just released an index of marketing salaries in relation to roles and experience levels so you can further understand where you stand amongst your peers.

Nobody is Normal

No two individuals are the same. In fact, statistically speaking everyone is either above or below average for any given category. Well, maybe there’s exactly one average Joe in the middle. The point is, we all have differences that make us unique.

Childline put out this ad to show children they aren’t alone in their struggles. Sometimes it may seem you’re the odd one out, but the truth is everyone sits somewhere on the same spectrum. As much as it may seem otherwise, nobody is normal.

Ads from the Past

1947, American Meat Institute

“Fifty-six percent of traffic comes from 10 percent of content. Invest in your home runs.”

Lymari Morales


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