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Heads up on 2024 email requirements.

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New Google Requirements for Bulk Email Senders

Starting in 2024, Google has new requirements for bulk senders (those who send 5k or more emails to Google accounts per day) to improve deliverability, sender reputation, and engagement. Check it out:

  1. Set up DMARC authentication for your sending domain in your DNS provider.
  2. Align your “From:” header with your sending domain.
  3. Include a one-step unsubscribe method in your marketing emails.
  4. Include an unsubscribe link in the message body.

Get into the weeds at Klayvio.

Q for You

Do you have a formal process in place for competitor monitoring?


If you’re not already creepin’ on your competitors, what are you doing?

And if you are, you’re probably working too hard on it. Tona helps you track and review changes to competitors’ websites and newsletters, providing snackable analytics and keeping you posted on every product launch, marketing strategy, and price change, and trend. Subscribe to your preferred update interval and forget about it.

Matt James pours a bag of Lays potato chips into a sauce pot

You Say Potato

Remember when Pepsi got Lindsay Lohan to promote Pepsi and milk concoctions for Christmas? (#Pilk) Well, Lays is taking a page out of the viral zeitgeist, too, with a new dish: mashed potatoes made from Lays potato chips. Reality TV star Matt James is helping the effort with an exclusive recipe.

Takeaway: If consumers are grossly misusing your product, join ’em.

Ads from the Past

How to tell a Marlin 66 from any other sports fastback. Put your family in it.

AMC, 1966


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