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To Interactivity and Beyond!

How to add a little interactivity to your content.

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Why Now’s the Time for Interactive Content [Examples]

Daily interaction is a bit limited these days. We’re having riveting convos with our pups and cats though.

For marketers, there are ways we can make an extra effort of providing content our audiences will interact with and perhaps think about critically. Today, Content Marketing Institute shares examples of why now is the time for interactive content.

Interactive content invites participation. And what’s better than people actively participating in your brand’s content? An added bonus is what you can learn about your audience through their interactions.

Common forms of interactive content:

  • Quizzes, polls, games, and surveys. Something fun will draw people in. This format allows for pointed questions you can interpret with quantitative data in your results.
  • Interactive infographics and data visualizations. When you state something in a concrete way, you rely on peoples’ interpretations matching your own. Not everyone thinks the same, so allow customization in visualizations for a more resonant experience.

Interactive content suits most marketing goals, including brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, and retention/loyalty.

Take Adobe, for example. They put together a quiz called “Creative Types” where people could explore and extract tidbits from their creative personalities. With playful imagery and animations as well as downloadable and shareable resources, Adobe successfully aligned itself with peoples’ personalities.

Incorporating interactivity in content is not always easy. Be sure you consider any added costs of creating sophisticated content or even what kind of interactivity your audience prefers. For successful interactive content, ensure you have a compelling reason for interactivity, match the interactive format to its intended function, and plan ahead to measure the impact of your interactive content.

We couldn’t hit everything in this article, so read the entire post for many more tips on effectively employing interactive content for your brand.


Putting together infographics entail quite a bit. Depending on the content covered, things to consider include design, interface, data, copy, and more. Once it’s all finished, how do you truly set it apart? Visme gives you tools for building interactive infographics users will love.

Interactivity is key, and Visme emphasizes its importance with animated characters and illustrations for an engaging experience. You can also embed external content such as maps, forms, documents, and audio so your infographics don’t leave anything out.

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The Sleepy Town With A Snoring Problem

Does someone in your life snore so loud you can’t get a wink of sleep? Could be a partner, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or even a pet. Whoever the snorer in your life is, you’ll likely need some earplugs to drown them out.

SleepCheck tells the story of a small Australian town where there are quite a few infamous snorers amongst residents. Thankfully their families want to get to the bottom of the snoring issue. Don’t let sleep apnea persist; everyone deserves a peaceful snooze.

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1952, Rowntree’s Fruit Gums

“You stand out more by being weird than fitting in.”

Emma Tupa


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