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Trash Your Playbook

Social philosophy > social playbook.

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🦌 Was the Dunkin Facebook hack real or just a smart marketing play?

☁️ This is everything announced so far at Google Cloud Next 2024.

📺 Roku has invented a way to show ads over anything you plug into your TV.

🍟 What’s that smell? It’s a billboard scented like McDonald’s fries.

AI prompt: Pink frosted donuts on a napkin. Watercolors.

Social Philosophy > Social Playbook

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Investing time and resources in building rigid social playbooks that can’t keep up with platform updates and the speed of culture is OUT.

Investing in a living, breathing social philosophy that guides your brand’s approach to any trend is IN.

A successful social philosophy has 5 elements:

  1. Intention. What’s your brand’s why for social? How does the mission and vision of the brand apply to which social platforms and conversations to enter or avoid?
  2. Value. What are you offering your followers? They determine your place in the culture.
  3. Creative fuel. How do your fans talk about your brand? What storylines are inspiring, impactful?What can you contribute to the broader cultural conversation?
  4. Creative development. How immersed is your creative team in culture? You need to cultivate experts who can keep up with the pace of the conversation, adapt to shifts, and send the right assets to right places at the right time.
  5. Reflection. Consider the creative lift vs. the impact of your strategy. Beyond just KPIs, does the work feel fresh? Are you listening to your community and striking the right tone?

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Hennessy Made for More

Made for More

Hennessy’s new campaign (led by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam) introduces a series of 5 films targeting a new generation of cognac drinkers, featuring actors Teyana Taylor and Damson Idris. The world-building here is irresistibly cool and deliciously cultured.

Ads from the Past

Hennessy 1985

Hennessy, 1985


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