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You know the saying: think globally, act locally? Here’s how it’s done for your brand.

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13 Local Marketing Strategies That Work

Brands should be shooting for brand awareness among masses and targeting larger groups. But they can’t forget about the importance of their own local markets and community. Plus, there is a growing focus from TikTok and Instagram on local-level brand discovery. So priming your brand for local marketing is essential.

Here are some of the best ways to do it:

  1. Optimize Your GBP For Local Search: Every brand should ensure its Google Business Profile (GBP) is has the most up to date information and as detailed as possible for the best searchability. There’s a great opportunity to use it for link-building by using citation sources and you can add new posts to your GBP account regularly to drive traffic and engagement.
  2. Create Localized Content: Content marketing is a big part of attracting a targeted audience. Good content requires you to do the research and write for humans. In turn, Google bots will love it, too! You’ll see better results for your business by integrating content marketing into your local online marketing strategy.
  3. Integrate CRM Tool: Create localized campaigns that can be launched via your CRM. Simply identify and segment customers and prospects by region if the data has been captured accordingly in your CRM. Remember, the quality of data you capture is the quality of output you’ll get.
  4. CRO-Optimized Landing Pages For Each Campaign: This is your reminder that your home page is NOT your landing page. For local marketing, make sure your landing pages have accurate information and, if possible, custom to the region you are serving.
  5. Leverage Social Media: Like we said, TikTok and Instagram are building out more features to focus on nearby and local discovery of brands. On top of those upcoming features, community groups and geographically-based targeting are very much alive and well on almost all social networks.

These were our favorites from the full list of 13 local marketing strategies. Check out the full post by search engine journal for al the details and tips.

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