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What’s Your @?

Collect first-party data at your next event.

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First-Party Data and Experiential Marketing

Capture first-party data at your branded events and experiential activations to ensure that your customer interactions aren’t simply one-and-done. Here’s how:

  • Build in data collection. Ask people to register, thank them for attending, and offer to stay in touch β€” through an app download, a newsletter subscription, etc. Consider interactive event features, too, like a photo booth that prompts attendees to provide their email addresses for photos.
  • Soft sell. No matter how you collect data through your event, avoid a disruptive, sales-y experience for your attendees. Engaging installations and QR codes leading to interactive digital experiences and sweepstakes are more effective.
  • Offer genuine value. One-time incentives won’t work toward cultivating a relationship with a contact. They’ll likely cash in and drop off.
  • Don’t blast. As always, personalized strategic messaging will nurture your lead list far more than generic email blasts after your event.
  • Be transparent. Make sure attendees understand how their info will be used (or shared) and that their participation is not mandatory.

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Q for You

How do you feel about the use of the Oxford (or serial) comma?

AI Content Detection Tools

We’ve shared a lot of generative AI tools this year. We’re in an AI era before widely applied policies and regulations, so, in the interest of transparency, here’s a collection of the 16 best tools to help you detect AI-generated content. Just in case you need itβ€”or need to know about it.

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Jim Beam 2023

“So Good! So Good! So Good!”

Jim Beam is trying to make drinks at the bar look fun again with this good-vibes spot, complete with a “Sweet Caroline” sing-a-long and the tagline “People Are Good For You.” So… we all have pandemic-induced social anxiety these days, huh?

Ads from the Past

Eckrich, 1965

Eckrich, 1965


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