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All about customer journey orchestration.

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What is customer journey orchestration?

Customer journey orchestration (CJO) is a type of software that allows marketers to connect real-time data points across channels and systems to better analyze the customer journey over time.

With consumers browsing an average of nine channels to find advice and make purchases, marketers are tasked with delivering a consistent, personalized experience at every touchpoint.

So what defines CJO?

  • A customer-centric approach. CJO prioritizes data-driven insights over preconceived notions of the customer journey, recognizing that customers utilize multiple channels and have autonomy in shaping their purchasing decisions.
  • Lifetime value. CJO emphasizes the cultivation of customer-brand relationships, fostering repeat purchases, and promoting brand advocacy.
  • Cross-channel data. CJO integrates data from various customer touchpoints, such as call centers, chatbots, in-store interactions, and more.
  • Real-time data. CJO practitioners provide contextually relevant experiences at their preferred touchpoints, necessitating real-time data gathering and response.
  • AI. AI and machine learning enables real-time development of insights, identification of the next best action for individual customers, and seamless execution of personalized experiences.

Take a closer look at customer journey orchestration at MarTech.

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Adobe Journey Orchestration

Journey Orchestration, built on the Adobe Experience Platform, lets you visually map and personalize super relevant journeys for every customer based on their unique behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data. Unlike your cross-channel campaign management system, this works in real-time, targeting individuals rather than audience segments.

Jodie Sweetin x Sizzler

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Restaurant chain Sizzler is hoping for a full house after reconnecting with Jodie Sweetin (aka Stephanie Tanner). The former child star joins the growing club of self-aware B-listers who make refreshing, comedic spokespeople.

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Jell-O, 1955

Jell-O, 1955


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