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Metrics you should be focusing on

plus – Snapchat shakeup, Google short names, and duplicate content.

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5 Social Media Metrics You Should Care About

Did you hear about the social media influencer who couldn’t sell 36 t-shirts to her following of 2.6m people? Yikes. Whether it’s a sign of the influencer bubble bursting or just a lousy t-shirt, there’s something (us) marketers can take away…

Stop focusing on vanity metrics.

What are vanity metrics?

Things like ‘registered users, downloads, and raw page views.’ The problem with vanity metrics is they’re easily manipulated and do not necessarily correlate to numbers that really matter.

Instead, focus on the following 5 metrics:

  1. Social reach: This measures how many users your posts are reaching. Don’t let social reach be your sole metric of success, but use it to learn which posts are resonating with your audience. Social reach data can usually be found inside of whatever platform you’re using.
  2. Referrals: Tracking referrals will show you what social channels lead people to your website. Head over to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Social. From there you can see where people are coming from and how they’re converting.
  3. Bounce rate: Bounce rate is defined as “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.” A high bounce rate is usually a sign that your content is not what the user expected or that you don’t have enough CTA’s.
  4. Follower growth rate: This metric will show you if your content is resonating. If your follower growth is slowing down or flat-lined, consider different post times, content topics, formats, etc.
  5. Social media audience demographics: Facebook and Instagram audience insights break down your followers by age, gender, location, income, etc. It’s important to regularly check these to ensure that your target audience is aligning with your buyer persona.


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