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plus – how to use IG chat stickers, hot wings, and watching Netflix at work.

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5 Ways Your Brand Can Use the Instagram Chat Sticker

Instagram did a thing a few days ago.

We see you Chat Sticker. 😱

Tell me more.

The Chat Sticker is a feature within your Instagram stories that allows you to initiate a private group chat (like a group DM) with up to 31 of your followers. You decide who joins the chat and how long the chat stays open.

Why should you use the Chat Sticker?

It’s all about human connection. The new chat feature gives you the ability to have real conversations with your followers beyond images and videos.

How should you use the Chat Sticker?

  1. Invite customers to a local event. Let’s say you’re hosting an event or meet-up. You can use the chat feature to build a mini-community around the event. Introduce yourself to the group and answer any questions they might have.
  2. Get customer feedback: Looking for honest feedback? Invite a select number of followers to chat with you on what they like and/or dislike about your product/service.
  3. Offer an exclusive deal or info: Use the chat feature to convert your followers into buyers by offering a limited time promo code or new product.
  4. Target a niche-group: Example; you want to work with a few influencers that follow you. Use the close friends feature along with the chat sticker to get them in the same space. From there, send them a link to a survey or form to capture more information.
  5. Create mini-communities with your clients: If you’re regularly communicating with clients, use the chat feature to bring specific people together. For example; you’re a personal trainer and a few of your clients are training for a marathon. Fire up the chat sticker to get all of your runners in the same place.

To learn more about stickers, click that button below.

The Netflix Fakeout

This tool is taking the internet by storm (or it will be soon).

Say hello to Netflix Hangouts.

The premise is simple.

Watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call with this Google Chrome extension.

Hot Ones

Where our Workaholics fans at? We featured an episode or two of ‘Hot Ones’ before.

‘Hot Ones’ features a conversation with a celebrity eating ridiculously hot wings.

Adam Devine is the latest victim. Check it out below.

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