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Junk. Stay out of the spam folder while going for glory in a Land Rover.

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How to Prevent Emails from Going to Spam Folders

Email is changing in the marketing world as far as goals. A lot of it comes from the shift in privacy and tracking (we’re looking at you, iOS 15). But as far as best practices go, there is a lot you can do actively and behind the scenes to avoid going into junk folders.

No. 1 – Get Technical

Ensure that you have the technical fundamentals down to increase your email deliverability. Things you can do to fine-tune your email:

  • Use domain extensions like “.com,” “.io,” and web address abbreviations used in your country.
  • Treat your domain name like a real name in some cases (“FirstName.LastName@CompanyName.com”).
  • Use identification protocols for email service providers: SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance)
  • To secure your reputation from the actions of other email marketers, set up a custom tracking code and URL.

No. 2 – Your List Means Everything

The lists that you send emails to influence your sender reputation. So here’s how to ensure your lists are clean, reputable, and likely to be active:

  • Gather more than an email address. Have a subscriber or lead provide their first and last name as well, making it easier to tell if it’s fake from a bot. There are tools to help source this if needed. The more relevant contacts, the better.
  • “Risky” and undeliverable addresses should be deleted often. Use a spam tester or manually remove your bounces (you want to shoot for less than a 2% bounce rate overall).

No. 3 – Creating “Non-Spammy” Content

Content that shines can all depend on your industry and audience but here are ways to avoid “spammy” content:

  • Keep it personal but straightforward.
  • Use reliable, secure, HTTPS links.
  • Don’t rely solely on visuals.
  • Keep preferences easy to find.

Check out the full how-to from Folderly, especially to learn more about email protocols.

Q for You

What email platform are you using in 2022 (cuz there are a whole bunch out there)?

Omnisend Subject Line Checker

Omnisend is a e-commerce email marketing, SMS, and automation platform. They have this free, easy tool that not only checks out your subject line length and quality, but it also provides some helpful suggestions.

According to Omnisend:

69% of customers mark an email as spam based on the subject line. Having too many emails marked as spam affects overall deliverability and sender reputation.

So make it count! Try out this tool to help you along the way.

Scale Your Lists

Scale your email list with quality subscribers by using Scalemail Referrals!

Scalemail is a referral system that incentivizes your best followers to spread the word about your email or newsletter. Our developers work directly with you to mix Scalemail into your existing workflow and customize your dashboards to align with your brand guidelines.

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Just Land Rover Things

There are some car brands that create a really passionate community of owners. Land Rovers are no exception to this. This ad kind of embodies some of the large passions that Land Rover lovers hold dear: rugged capabilities, powerful bodies, and convenient technology all wrapped into one Defender.

Ads from the Past

1979, Dr. Pepper

“If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t know it yourself.”

Albert Einstein


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