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The Daily Carnage

What’s Behind the Curtain?

Sharing poll results and recapping the week!

The first Instagram photo featured what animal?

*|SURVEY: A pig|*

*|SURVEY: A cat|*

*|SURVEY: A dog|*

*|SURVEY: A hedgehog|*

About You

Hey crew, many of you curious cats asked to see the poll results that we’ve been running, so that’s what we’re going to share today.

Here is the Q from Thursday’s Daily Carnage: What business market best describes your working environment?

Of the 874 of you who voted, here are the results:

  • Business to Consumer – 250
  • Business to Business – 337
  • Service Market – 216
  • Industrial Market – 3
  • Professional Services – 68

The Daily Carnage is all about sharpening our skills. So who’s ready for a full-disclosure, behind-the-curtain chat? These polls are becoming a super useful tool in learning more about you fine folks.

We’re learning about the readership as a whole and it helps us to – 1. deliver better content, 2. engage with you on a personal level, and 3. be pickier when choosing sponsors.

You might be asking yourself, “why not just send out a full survey?” Well, we’ve done that. In all honesty, we’re getting significantly more responses doing them one question at a time directly in our emails. And yes, there have been bumps along the way with the polls functioning weirdly for some, but we’re working on that.

Top Posts of the Week

Join the Conversation

  • Andy wants to know, “Are there any recommendations on video/audio equipment for Facebook Live videos? I’ve used a phone (obviously), a computer’s built-in camera, a go-pro and a stand-alone webcam but wondering if there is something better that allows more control.”
  • Assaf wants your feedback, “Hi y’all, anyone has a recommendation for a (free) platform to create quizzes that integrates easily with WordPress?…”
  • Rachel is asking, “Wondering if anyone can point me to their favorite resources for brand storytelling—books, best practices, case studies, trainings, conferences…”
  • Help Nicole out, “Okay, my agency is STRUGGLING with Google Ads. Struggling in the sense of no one knows how to do them. We have an outside guy who runs all of our ads and shares results. BUT when it comes time to research keywords, search volumes, etc. we are left in the dark. Can someone share their favorite webinar/workshop/classes/etc.”

Gin And Passionfruit Cocktail W/ Green Tea Syrup


  • 45ml Botanist Gin
  • 30ml House-Made Green Tea Syrup
  • 30ml Fresh Lime
  • ½ Passionfruit w/ a Pedro Ximines Dulce Rinse


Today’s drink came from the FeedFeed

Ads from the Past

1973, Saráka

“We are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

Gwendolyn Brooks


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