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Which Comes First? 🐔🥚

Copy or design?

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Which comes first, the copy or the design?

It’s not a chicken-or-egg dilemma.

At Carney, we think of the relationship between copy and design as similar to electromagnetic waves, or “electric and magnetic fields dancing together in a pas de deux, (…) each field bootstrapping the other forward, propagating together” (Infinite Powers, Steven Strogatz, p. xi).

The key to forward motion? When both the copywriter and the designer have constraints and objectives in mind, they can retreat to their respective corners (diverge), create ad concepts, and then come back together (converge) to bounce those ideas off each other, repeating the process.

Take website design for example. Our discovery phase examines key questions:

  • Who are the intended audiences? Which one takes priority?
  • What are the intended goals for each audience? Which one takes priority?
  • What style of website will best serve the website’s true priority?

The answers are critical to setting up copywriters and designers for a productive collaboration.

Head to the Carney blog for a closer look.

Smash or Pass

Meghan Markle is catching some criticism for the branding of her new luxury lifestyle venture.


AI might be able to help you better prepare for human interaction.

Crystal quantifies human personalities into rich data that can be used to understand yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and your customers.

From communication preferences and motivations to decision-making and learning styles, Crystal gives you clear instructions driven by predictive analysis and personality assessment.

Is Your Bank Boring?

Kudos to Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank’s new national campaign for being boring.

A “calculated” kind of boring, according to the brand. Boring is what powers rockets, so, in a way, it’s kind of inextricably related to the good stuff.

It’s a volatile time to be making and spending money, so PNC is keeping the excitement to a minimum.

Ads from the Past

Campbell's, 1961

Campbell’s, 1961


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