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Who am I?

plus – how to create a customer persona, influencer marketing, and the Browns.

Be in the Know

Creating a Customer Avatar

There’s a good chance you know WHAT your business is offering (we hope).

But, how well do you know WHO you’re offering it to?

Before you can sell anything effectively, you need to understand…

  • WHO your ideal customer is
  • WHERE they’re hanging out online
  • WHAT their challenges are

When you’re laser-focused on WHO you’re selling to, the sales funnel becomes a lot more efficient.

So, how do you get laser-focused on the WHO?

Create customer avatars. 

Here are the 5 major components of creating a customer avatar:

  • Goals and values: Pretty self-explanatory here. List out what a potential client might want to achieve with his/her business. For example: Agency Eric wants to scale his business and increase the capabilities of his team. Agency Eric values professional development and using white hat marketing principles.
  • Sources of information: This component will help you determine the best places to advertise to your customer. Think about the following questions: Where to they hang out (online and in-person)? What materials do they read? What gurus do they follow?
  • Demographic information: Age, gender, marital status, children, job title, income, education level, etc. will fill this section.
  • Challenges and pain points: Your goal here is to get inside the head of your customer. What keeps them up at night? Agency Eric has a hard time finding, training and retaining top talent. Because of that, he fears losing business to his competitors.
  • Objections and role in the process purchase: Why would a potential customer choose not to buy your product or service? List out 3-5 reasons why they would object and make sure you indicate their role in the process (ie: are they the decision-maker?)

Once you have your first customer avatar nailed down, move onto creating more based on the different segments of your market. Digital Marketer put together a customer avatar worksheet to simplify the process. Rinse and repeat.

The Standard for Influencer Marketing

Looking to ramp up your influencer marketing?

Traackr provides influencer discovery, vetting, relationship management, campaign organization, measurement, and the industry’s only influencer market performance benchmark.

We dig it. Check it out. 👇

At Home with Baker Mayfield

Progressive and Baker Mayfield are launching a new ad campaign for the kickoff of the NFL season.

Here’s what Progressive’s CMO, Jeff Charney had to say:

“We tossed out the typical ‘athlete-as-spokesperson’ model and took a more modern, content-rich and episodic approach that’s characteristic of today’s network shows. There’s no glorified pro-athlete persona or hard-sell messaging, just highly relatable, everyday—and quite funny— moments between Baker, Emily and their rather unique 68,000-seat stadium home.”

What do you think? 👇

Ads from the Past


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