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Managing your online rep.

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8 Keys for Effective Online Reputation Mgmt

The tides can turn quickly online. That’s why it’s important to audit, monitor, and optimize your online reputation with these tactics:

  1. Audit your online reputation.Β Get a gauge on what customers are saying about you online by reviewing your site and blog, social profiles, and third-party business profiles, or use a listening tool.
  2. Establish a strategy. Identify your online reputation mgmt priorities and compile guidelines, policies, and tone for communications.
  3. Monitor mentions.Β Set up a Google alert for your brand, as well as manually search your brand name on each platform.
  4. Plan for crisis. Use media monitoring tools to identify potential issues and respond quickly with pre-drafted messages.
  5. Encourage reviews. Increase visibility and build your reputation by encouraging customers to leave truthful reviews.
  6. Manage negativity. Respond publicly in a timely manner with courteous tone. ‘Fess up to mistakes and apologize with discounts, refunds, and improvement.
  7. Create on-brand content. Improve customer recall by branding all of your content.
  8. Choose influencers wisely. Make sure an influencer is a good fit for your brand’s ethos and budget.

Check out Semrush’s infographic for the full scoop on ORM.

Smash or Pass πŸ‘/πŸ‘Ž

What’s your take on the NOKIA logo redesign?

NOKIA logo redesign


Are ya listening? Brand24 lets you monitor your brand’s mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and reviews to gauge sentiment, manage your reputation, and collect valuable consumer insights. Plus, word clouds!

United x Oscar the Grouch

Trash to Treasure

United has named Oscar the Grouch as its first Chief Trash Officer in this delightfully hopeful spot. Everyone’s favorite garbage muppet will be symbolically tasked with inspiring us to rethink trash as an airline fuel source. As Oscar says, “it’s garbage CAN, not garbage CAN’T.”

Ads from the Past

Del Monte, 1948

Del Monte, 1948


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