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How did they know?

plus – the beauty of a pixel, 100k faces, and the Slofie.

Be in the Know

What the Heck is a Pixel?

We’ve all experienced talking about a product with a friend and bam, next thing you know, you’re getting hit with an ad.

You just got PIXEL’d. 

Whether you’re explaining what a pixel is to a potential client or you just have no idea what a pixel is, we got you.

It’s time to go to pixel school.

What is a tracking pixel?

Pixels are tiny pieces of code that gather information about your web visitors. Tracking pixels are great for us marketers because they allow us to measure campaign performances, and get hyper-targeted with our ad efforts.

Different types of pixels:

  • Retageting pixels: These pixels focus on the behavior of your website visitors. Once a visitor lands on a specific page, they’ll then be served specific ads based on their page activity.
  • Conversion pixels: Conversion pixels track sales from specific ad campaigns. It’s important to have conversion pixels properly installed to accurately track the purchase.


If you want to get a better handle on users’ behavior and shopping patterns, we highly recommend incorporating pixels in your next ad campaign.

Need help setting
up your pixels?

100,000 Faces

Need a free face for your next project?

Well, here’s a free resource of over 100k high-quality faces. Every image is built through AI, so no need to worry about copyrights, distribution and all that jazz.

What’s in it for me?

I can cancel plans at any time and say, “sorry, I got a big run tomorrow.”

Enjoy part 2 of 3 of the Nike Joyride ad spot with Ilana Glazer from Broad City. She’s slowly coming around to running.

Ads from the Past


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