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Read up on Reddit being included in your social media marketing.

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What You Need to Know About Reddit Marketing

Reddit is a unique forum with niche communities, high standards of moderation, and highly engaged community. But because of those reasons, marketing on it is not the same as other platforms.

User-Generated Content on Reddit

There are over 100,000 active communities on Reddit that can have text-based discussions, links, photos or videos, and other users are then able to comment on the post. Posts and comments related to the post are then upvoted or downvoted by other users.

According to Reddit, 90% of users trust the platform as a place to learn about new products and brands from other users. Reddit users are generally well-informed consumers, and they are likely to recommend the products and brands they love to others.

Marketing on Subreddits: Authenticity Rules

A great way to tackle brand marketing on Reddit is finding the right subreddits to join and either posting from a branded account, or getting a team to drum up organic conversations that include the brand. But name dropping isn’t the way to go about it. You have to genuinely contribute to the discussion above all else.

Advertising on Reddit

So there is engaging on the platform, then there’s straight up advertising on it as a strategy. Reddit has many advertising options available that helps brands to target communities. Just be warned that it doesn’t work the same way as other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn advertising and may take much more testing to find what Subreddits work.

Check out the full post on CMSWire for more tips and examples on marketing on Reddit so you can see if it’s the right move for you brand.

Q for You

Do you do any marketing on Reddit currently?

Subreddit Stats

Unless you know a niche Reddit topic really well already, you are likely going to have to do some research to find the Subreddits out there. Subreddit Stats is a great site to start! You will get the statistics on subreddits including the growth over time and subscriber count. PLUS this tool is perfect for Reddit discussion and keyword research by monitoring the number of times a certain word or topics has been discussed already within a Subreddit.

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Getting with the Times

Time is our most valuable asset.

This sweet ad follows the perspective of a young boy who doesn’t understand all of the rules about time. Sometimes “it’s time” or the “last time” or “now is not the time.” Sometimes it moves at different speeds. He sees his parent navigate good and bad times. Volvo released this ad to announce its paternal leave policy so that all employees 24 weeks of paid parental so they to have more time to raise their families and make times count.

Ads from the Past

1935, Berger 45


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