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you spin me right round…

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Be in the Know

  • Spinning to a lawsuit. Allegedly, Peloton used close to 1k songs without proper licensing for its virtual spin classes. 
  • But, we just bought first generation AirPods. Apple is releasing 2nd-gen AirPods featuring faster connect times and 50% more talk time.

Copy That Converts

When it comes to email marketing, who doesn’t want to create copy that converts? That’s the goal.

Unfortunately, these things take time. We’re gonna walk you through a few ways to improve your email marketing copy.

Stick with us…(we’re gonna move fast)

  1. Write a Killer Subject Line: Duh, right? Folks need to feel compelled to open your email. Make it funny, give them some value, present some FOMO, etc. The goal is to get an open. Do what you need to do!
  2. Clear the Clutter: Here’s an easy one. Keep your paragraphs short and use bullets. People like to skim these days. Try to keep your emails as clutter free as possible.
  3. Avoid CAPS and Spam Trigger Words: Please don’t use CAPS. Your deliverability will suffer and people don’t like ’em. Here’s a list of spam trigger words to avoid. 
  4. Know Your Audience: We say this a lot, but it’s really important. You need to speak to your audience. Take some time to build out buyer personas and write copy that speaks to them.
  5. Keep it Conversational: Your email copy should sound like a real conversation. Don’t be afraid to shorten some words up and have fun with it. It takes time to build your brand voice. Be patient and more importantly, be bold.
  6. Call to Action: What do you want folks to do as a by-product of engaging with your email? Make sure you include a strong CTA in every email.

The Boron Letters

We just talked about copywriting, so today’s tool is fitting.

If you wanna get better at copywriting, you need to read ‘The Boron Letters’ by Gary Halbert. The letters were written from prison by famous copywriter, Gary Halbert to his son.

Do yourself a favor and print them out. Yes, actually print them out and take notes.

By the way, they’re free.

Mark Your Calendar

Stranger Things, season 3 trailer. Need we say more?

Ads from the Past

“If they don’t serve Smirnoff, bring your own.” Circa 1967


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