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7 Ways to Find Readers and Subscribers When No One Knows You Yet

Ahh the early days. A point where you count for five of the eight views on a recently published blog and co-workers are the other three.

There’s absolutely no shame in those days. It’s the beginning. It’s exciting! Any form of content can receive eight views one day then 8,000 the next. The real question is what are you willing to do to get those views?

CopyBlogger has the scoop to help more folks find your stuff when you have where’s waldo status.

  1. Be ready for the traffic you get. I LOVE that this is tip number one. Not being prepared is as disappointing as ordering a brownie blizzard and only getting a few brownie chunks. Manage expectations like a pro like checking that website speed and offering a seamless way to capture emails.
  2. Answer the right questions. Grab the simple sauce. Find out what questions your target audience is asking and answer them. This method gives you a stream of fresh content. And it puts you in a great position to serve your audience with quality content.
  3. Create something epic. Want to be the center of the conversation, then dedicate yourself to epic content. This piece is thorough, valuable, and wildly creative.
  4. Be a social butterfly. We’re not saying you have to become the next Kardashian on Instagram. CopyBlogger recommends two 10-minute social sessions where you can post on your own profile, comment in a social group, or cultivate relationships with other web publishers.

Click over to get the last three ways to help you build up your audience!


No, we’re not talking about a shaved lemon peel.

This Chrome plug-in is made with marketers in mind. Zest will run through interest-based content allowing you to tap into “a hub for discovering the best content and people.”

We’re willing to give it a go. We’ll give our thoughts sometime next week in the Facebook group!

Facebook Question of the Day

Trina asked, “Any tips on improving Instagram photo quality for my team with no marketing & photography background?

I manage ~10 marketing ambassadors with no marketing, photography, etc. background. They each update posts for our restaurants’ Instagram and Facebook pages. We’re trying to step up our Instagram game across the company, but overall photo and post quality is very hit-or-miss among the team.

With high turnover in this industry, we are trying to avoid any lengthy training sessions or pricy programs (also because no one will read/watch/participate in anything that takes too long).

Social media team managers – how are you upping the standards for your content creators?”

Be You

Lawn services, anyone?

Pandora promotes getting lost in your favorite tunes as you knock out this weekend’s chores.

As one in a series of videos in Pandora’s latest ad campaign, this one will surely inspire some fresh new dance moves – like the lawnmower.

Ads from the Past

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”

Sam Levenson


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