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Start Your Mornings Like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss

When you win the morning, you win the day.

If you’re subscribed to The Daily Carnage, you already know we love Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss.

They’re marketing powerhouses, and we feature their industry expertise in our daily newsletter often. For a rejuvenating change of pace, we’re moving out of the office and focusing on how they start their days.

After all: good mornings turn into good afternoons. Good afternoons turn into good days. Good days turn into good lives. Up and at ’em.

Gary Vaynerchuk: An Explosion of Productivity

A lifelong entrepreneur and longtime tech investor, Gary has counseled more than 50 startups, including Twitter, Uber, and Venmo. He turned his social media buzz into a new consulting business, VaynerMedia, and now splits his time between two companies, packing his days with wine reviews, pitch meetings, and seemingly infinite tweets.

His morning routine isn’t really a series of events — it’s more like an explosion of productivity. Here’s how he gets his spark:

1. He consumes.

The first thing Gary does after waking up is grab his cell phone to consume quite a bit of information.

Twitter, in particular, is his hub of choice. In his own words:

“By the time I step into that first meeting, so much is going through my head already. The day started the minute I opened my eyes.”

Gary also spends about 15 to 45 minutes on the computer first thing in the morning. What better way to get your head in the game than by furiously soaking up all the news you’ve missed while you were sleeping?

2. He converses.

In what we consider the most valuable lesson from his morning routine, Gary takes the time to talk with his inner circle. In the car, likely en route to a meeting, he catches up with those he holds dearest in life.

Whether it’s your partner, kids, siblings, or parents, carve out time each morning to connect. Life’s smaller moments are often what you’ll value most.

Tim Ferriss: The Zen Energizer Bunny

Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author. His books Tools of Titans, 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body, and 4 Hour Chef are essentially cliff notes on today’s top performers.

Tim doesn’t just start the day — he wins it. In his energized world of ultra-productivity, if you win the morning, you win the day. Here’s how he does it:

1. He makes his bed.

Why not start your morning with an immediate sense of accomplishment? Navy SEALS do it for the same reason. In Tim’s own words:

“No matter how sh**ty your day is, no matter how catastrophic it might become, you can make your bed.”

2. He meditates.

If you’re new to meditation, Tim suggests that you: “Start small. Rig the game so you can win it. Don’t worry about trying to meditate for 20 minutes right away. Just start.”

To get started, listen to a song that typically puts you in a good mood and concentrate on your breathing while it’s playing. Slowly work your way up to longer periods of meditation until it becomes a habit.

With just a few minutes of meditation, you can be 30 to 50 percent more productive with less stress. Count us in.

3. He hangs.

Here’s a weird one. Ferriss hangs by his hands on a self-built rig for one minute at a time, typically several times a day. This helps to reverse the effects of spinal compression, which can certainly arise if you’re sitting at a desk all day. Monkey see, monkey do.

4. He drinks tea.

Ferriss drinks aged pu-erh tea every morning. He combines ginger, turmeric, and green tea blends to create an even stronger mix he deems: “Titanium Tea.” This soothing concoction has anti-inflammatory effects, calming the stomach and relieving sore muscles to ease daily aches and pains.

5. He journals.

This is a tactic we can really get on board with. Ferriss makes entries in his Five Minute Journal every morning. This is an app that offers a beautiful, innovative journaling experience and quick, easy entries. Ferriss uses it to identify his achievements as well as his blessings in life. It’s something he refers to as “therapeutic intervention,” as it makes him a happier, more contented person.

Once you’ve completed any number of these energizing tasks, what’s next? Why, reading The Daily Carnage, of course.


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