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How to Align Your Website with Your Brand (casestudy)

Nothing is more tedious and frustrating than pages and pages of paper instructions. Why can’t instructions be simple, or easy?

When’s the last time you used a paper map?

Like Google changed maps forever, our friends at BILT® are revolutionizing the instruction experience. This app startup creates voice & text-guided interactive 3D Intelligent Instructions® for products requiring assembly, installation, repair, troubleshooting or maintenance. 

BILT faced several major issues with their existing website. 

  1. It was created with an inflexible custom template designed in Adobe Illustrator. 
  2. It was difficult for the BILT team to update 
  3. It didn’t communicate the interactive BILT experience.  
  4. It was text-heavy and featured 2D cartoon illustrations, which was no longer on-brand and did not reflect the latest version of the app.

That’s where our team came in. 

We had 3 seconds

The BILT team wanted to convey at-a-glance an inkling of what 3D interactive instructions were about. 

Unlike video, the app enables touchscreen manipulation, but that’s hard to explain with just text. This is way more than just a YouTube video of someone showing you how to assemble a product. Sure, you can pause the video, but what if the person’s hands or tools are in the way? What if you just can’t see how Tab A fits into Slot B?

BILT overcomes all that by allowing you to manipulate the 3D images to see where all those tricky little parts go.

Words were getting in the way of the aha moment. They needed to show rather than tell what BILT could do.

“We had a messaging mismatch,” says Angela Meek, Director of Marketing.  “We needed to align our website with the clean simplicity of the BILT app.“ 

Objectives to Improve BILT’s Website

  • First and foremost, the BILT marketing team wanted to demonstrate the interactivity that makes BILT a superior customer experience. Inside the app, users can pinch to zoom in & out, drag to rotate the 3D images 360º, and tap on a part for more detail. 
  • The app is exclusive to mobile devices because it requires a touchscreen to manipulate the images. The BILT team struggled with how they could convey app interactivity to desktop visitors and ultimately decided on a 15-second video featured on the top of the homepage. But a quick load time was key.
  • The BILT team needed the flexibility to make website changes themselves so they wanted an easy-to-use WYSIWYG theme for WordPress.
  • BILT wanted to offer manufacturers access to a Client Portal from the main site.
  • The website needed to attract more brands to partner with BILT. The first page had to show this was a credible solution major brands are already using and instill a sense of missing out for B2B targets. 
  • Because both consumer and industrial brands are on BILT, the images had to reflect a wide variety of users and communicate the versatility of use-cases of the app—all on the first page.

Carney’s Team Goes to Work

Our goal with BILT – and with all of our clients – is to build solutions that maximize their particular goals and deliver a seamless and engaging experience on all devices.

A key conversion goal was to drive brands to become partners with BILT and utilize the platform for their interactive instructions. To solve BILT’s unique challenges, Carney set out to deliver a custom WordPress site.

  • Carefully considered information architecture became streamlined navigation with three main choices:
    • Login (for existing B2B customers)
    • Partner With Us (for prospective B2B customers)
    • Download (for end-users who need to install the app)

  • To help with this goal, we created wireframes featuring prominent call-outs and contact forms to make the initial introduction simple. We also featured existing brand partners throughout the site, including an interactive index of current instructions that reflect the products in their mobile app.
  • On the back end, the site leverages modern editing tools, while giving the client complete control over the look and feel of their site. We provided subtle interactive elements inspired by BILT’s new branding and the latest version of the app itself.
  • And we incorporated real product data so that the website is an accurate reflection of the app’s deep library of brands and products without a lot of duplication of effort or room for human error.

  • Finally, for users interested in the mobile app, we wanted to provide the quickest path possible to download. For that, we added links in the header and footer and created a landing page with simple, prominent call-outs to download via QR code, the App Store, or Google Play.

BILT is revolutionizing the way we deal with instructions and here at team Carney, we were glad to clearly present that revolution to the world!


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