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16 of the Best Landing Pages You Need to See in 2017

If you’re looking to improve your landing page design, or anything for that matter, it always pays to check out what others are doing well (and not-so well). But, like Carla Johnson says in today’s Listen, don’t just copy your competitors. Making the nuanced elements of a landing page the “best” often depends on your own goals.

We don’t always talk about design in the Carnage, but when we do, we ask our majestic UX designer for some words of wisdom. “Just KISS it.” Lol, what? “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Well, okay then. (He also wanted to make sure we included this .gif with it, and who are we to deny a .gif?)

For the sake of time, here are the top 10, as picked by HubSpot. Dive in for the full list and a more in-depth discussion on why they’re so fond of these particular pages.

  1. Wistia — that color combo tho
  2. Unbounce — if you write a book on landing page conversions, you better top the list
  3. IMPACT Branding & Design
  4. Muzzle — we’re giving this one bonus points for its brand name
  5. Bills.com — wait, wait, not that… this
  6. Trulia
  7. Teambit — cartoon animal illustrations FTW
  8. Landbot — landing-page-turned Chatbot
  9. Webprofits
  10. Inbound Emotion

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