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6 Manipulative Email Tactics that Marketers Should Stop Using

There’s one thing we hate more than anything else: using manipulative tactics to get more email subscribers. Yeah, you can grow your list by using devious strategies, but you’re not going to grow a loyal fanbase from using them.

Using those types of tactics is more likely to increase your unsubscribe rate and your spam score. Those are two numbers that you obviously want to keep as low as possible.

If you do have higher than average unsubscribe and spam rates, you might be doing one of the following:

  1. Using passive-aggressive email signup and opt-out language. Does this sound familiar? You hit a website and you immediately get a popup that says something like, “Want to get over 1,000 Lead Generation Strategies?” Then, you’re given buttons to click on. One says, “Get the guide for free!” The other says, “No, I don’t want better results.” That second one is sleazy. Stop it.
  2. Requiring all customers to receive marketing emails. Having a high-quality email list relies on people actually opting in to receive your emails. Just because someone bought something from you, doesn’t mean they want to get emails from you for the rest of time. Case in point, I (Mark) once bought a Pandora charm for my mom for Mother’s Day (because I’m a good son). Guess who still gets marketing emails from Pandora? Guess who is never buying from Pandora again?
  3. Hiding behind people’s names to obscure your brand. Sometimes you download an eBook from a company, but when the confirmation email hits your inbox, it’s from Joe Smith instead of XYZ Brand. This started when it was uncovered that people are more likely to open an email that is from a person, rather than a brand. But, that’s manipulative. Stahhhp.
  4. Hiding unsubscribe links. Unsubscribing should be done in one, maybe two clicks. Anything else is unnecessary and likely trying to manipulate people into staying on an email list. Stop it. On a related note, no one has ever accidentally unsubscribed from an email list. Companies really have to stop asking people if they unsubscribed by accident.

That’s only 4. There are still 2 more in today’s Read.


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