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6 Ways Pillar Pages Help Your Content Marketing

Pillar pages are pretty new to the content marketing scene. If you’re not familiar with what they are, we’ll give a quick definition:

Pillar Page [pil-er peyj] (yup, we included the pronunciation because ‘peyj’ looks funny) noun. A comprehensive resource page that focuses on one broad topic, and links to content created for the supporting subtopics.

Here’s a perfect example of a pillar page from Moz: The Beginners Guide to SEO.

The biggest reason to go with this approach for your content is for SEO. You can absolutely dominate search results doing this.

Retail Doc, a sales training company, holds the number 1, 2, and 3 spots on Google’s SERP for their main keyword with this approach. Pretty wild, right?

If you’re still not sold on pillar pages, Social Media Today has 6 other reasons why they’re a great idea (beyond SEO). Here’s the need-to-know:

1) Improved Content Quality

Since you’re creating one central piece of content and then multiple pieces on the subtopics, you can get really, really in-depth on each subtopic. So instead of just glossing over a bunch of topics, you can get into the nitty-gritty on each of them.

2) Provides a Content Roadmap for your Team

Creating content that supports one central theme helps put everyone on the same page. There won’t be any, “what should I write about?” questions. Team members will know and likely come up with subtopics on their own.

3) Faster Content Creation

When everyone is focused on one topic, quality content gets created faster than the time it takes to cook minute rice (okay, not really…but you get the idea).

4) Allows ‘Content Binging’

You know how Netflix makes it easy to binge episodes of The Office? Pillar Pages do the same. Once someone devours the first piece of your pillar content, the second piece is a natural progression.

Welp, that’s only 4 of the 6 (Hey, it’s Monday. We didn’t wanna overload you). If you want the rest, you know what to do ↓


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