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7 Marketing Tips to Effectively Explain a Complex Service

How to make a stand-out brand:

Step 1: Have a unique service, product, or process.

Step 2: Let ’em know why you’re different.

But Step 2 can give marketers trouble if a service is highly complex or technical. So how can you reach people on all terms?

  1. Start with the audience’s goals. You’ll know your messaging is working if your buyers can instantly find out the answers to these questions:
    • Who is this product for?
    • What does this product do?
    • Why should customers want to use it?
    • Why do customers need it now?
    • How is this product different from what else is out there?
  2. Try to simplify your buyer’s journey into 3-4 steps. Making it simple for people to understand how they can become a client is one of the best ways to gain more business.
  3. Get inside the mind of your audience. To reach your audience, you have to think like your audience. Always ask questions potential customers might be asking while learning about your services.
  4. Get direct feedback. If you’re not sure what people think about your product or service, ask them! Potential and current customer surveys are direct ways to see how your users are using your services (or if they are aware of other services you offer).
  5. Leverage storytelling when you can. People respond the most to stories. Integrate storytelling into your marketing efforts through case studies, explainer videos, or personal testimonials.
  6. The numbers never lie. Analyze the numbers across all tactics to discover what is working, what isn’t, and where there are untapped opportunities for making your messaging more effective.
  7. Determine what channels to use. Effectively explaining a complex product or service means meeting customers in the format that they prefer.

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