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7 UX Lessons to Apply to Your Content Campaigns

In today’s crowded and competitive online environment, thinking of your content campaigns in terms of UX principles can really improve your brand’s chance for success.

The two should go hand-in-hand like Thelma and Louise — and if one of them makes a wrong turn, both go flying off a cliff.

In other words, UX designers and content strategists should work together for the best results. Today’s blog post from Single Grain explores this dynamic duo and how you can — and should —apply UX lessons to your content marketing strategy.

  • Lesson #1: People remember how you made them feel, not what you gave them. In the world of UX, it’s well accepted that how you make a person feel ultimately matters more than what you give them. This applies to products you sell, as well as any content you give away.
  • Lesson #3: You can’t create a good user experience without great content. But make sure each piece of content lives up to the same standards you’ve made for your website.
  • Lesson #4: Don’t build content for content’s sake. We marketers love content marketing sooooo much that it’s tempting to believe all problems can be solved by new content pieces. Dial it back and assess your users’ greatest needs, so you can focus your energy on the solutions that will best meet them.
  • Lesson #7: Improve focus by limiting choices and minimizing distraction. UX employees often limit choices in certain situations in order to focus user attention on the important elements. Content marketers can use this line of thinking by 1) Sticking to a single topic within each content piece and 2) Limiting the number of content pieces presented at any given time. To name a few.

More lessons and a ton of ~enlightening~ examples in today’s Read.


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