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8 Experiential Marketing Campaigns You’ll Wish You Experienced

It’s Friday, so we’re having a little fun with it today (I mean, we have fun every day, and don’t you dare tell our boss otherwise).

But today’s Read is serving up some seriously entertaining examples of companies taking experiential marketing to a whole new level. Hands-on, tangible, and wildly clever, these marketing efforts do a bang-up job at inviting their audience to experience each brand and what they represent. From an interactive funhouse to cupcake payments to a charity donation billboard, each campaign also comes with a handy “takeaways for marketers” section.

Here are a few of our faves from the article:

  1. Refinery29: 29Rooms — Color us amazed by the perfectly curated and colorful rooms at Ref 29’s “29Rooms” event this year. Aptly named “Turn It Into Art”, attendees were encouraged to enter each room and use the surroundings to create something.
  2. Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis — Using scales that were actually small boards, women were invited to write down how they really wanted to be weighed…not by numbers, but by their accomplishments. They could then hang said board proudly alongside other women’s achievements. 
  3. Misereor: Charity Donation Billboard — Knowing how often we don’t have cash, German relief NGO Misereor decided to put our plastic-wielding habits to good use with its charitable giving billboard. Swipe a loaf of bread and watch a slice be cut away, signifying your donation toward hunger relief.
  4. Zappos: “Google Cupcake Ambush” — We kind of don’t want to spoil this one for you…

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