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8 Ways to Design a Successful Paywall

Successful paywalls incorporate good design, transparent pricing, functionality, and, above all, something irresistibly valuable behind them.

Consider these 8 tips to designing paywalls:

  1. Have realistic expectations. In exchange for payment from a loyal community of visitors who love your content, traffic and social sharing will necessarily decrease.
  2. Your paywall screen should be representative of what you have to offer, allowing a sneak peek into the experience. Use simple, descriptive language, pricing graphics, and decisive imagery or illustrations.
  3. Explain the value and features that a subscriber or a one-time buyer will get. If you do a good job explaining the value of a premium option, users are more likely to go all in.
  4. Be transparent about the terms of pricing, renewals, free trials, pay-as-you-go, and lifetime subscriptions.
  5. Opt for a big call-to-action button.
  6. Incorporate social proof in the form of pay-with-a-tweet or testimonials and reviews on the landing page.
  7. Reiterate the value proposition with language that creates a sense of urgency, special pricing, scarcity, or social incentives.
  8. For users who don’t transcend the paywall, have a backup landing page with more information about terms or benefits, FAQ, screenshots, or even an additional offer.

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