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Best Practices to Eliminating Data Chaos

Mo’ data, mo’ problems. We will not shut up about how important customer data is. But we’re all collecting it like crazy, usually making complex profiles or workflows that aren’t doing the most for us. Or worse, we’re collecting it and doing nothing. Or even WORSE, we’re not collecting it and mismanaging the data we have.

Data chaos is not fun and can end up costing you in wasted ad spend if you aren’t careful. As we are moving towards a cookie-less world, this is not where you want to be. So let’s run through your data-wrangling best practices.

  • Embrace Cloud Collaboration: This is where it all starts. Cloud systems mean documents, files, and records can be accessed and synced between various systems and devices without worrying about duplication or legacy issues.
  • Integrate Content Applications: By leveraging APIs and connectors, you can find data harmony with seamless integration of modern content services with existing systems while also getting a deeper level of analytics and insights.
  • Secure Your Assets: Privacy and security: two of the biggest data priorities. Data security always needs to be a priority. But if you want an open, accessible platform that allows the unfettered flow of data and information across the company and with external third-party partners…how do you keep it on lock? Luckily cloud-based platforms meet industry-specific requirements while giving strict control over access and privileges.
  • Empower Employees: Legacy systems often rely on IT or the person wearing the data crown of the company to configure reports for them. Cloud systems allow remote teams to take control of their workday and be more proactive with data.

See KMWorld’s full write-up on the best practices for eliminating data chaos and information silos in 2021.


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