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The 3.5-Minute Google Analytics-Driven Website Audit

We’re a team full of data fanatics, and the folks at Orbit Media seem to be too. If you share in that fandom then you’re gonna love today’s feature. We’re learning how to use Google Analytics (GA) to perform a super quick website audit. Let’s dig in…

  • Are there broken pages or bad URLs? We’ve all experienced a 404 page. Maybe your fingers went rogue and mistyped or misclicked something sending you to a page that doesn’t exist.
    • In GA, use this navigation: Behavior > Site Content > Page Title dimension, filter for *Page Not Found*
    • Redirect traffic from these pages to the most relevant page OR create content on these URLs
    • Make your 404-page awesome by adding links to other web pages, adding humor, creating an apology video.
  • Is your shopping cart broken on certain browsers? Much of our job is picking up what our fans are putting down. Data from your e-commerce shopping cart can reveal a whole lot about your buying process. Specifically, discover which browsers are causing problems for customers and making it difficult for them to buy.
    • Here’s how to check it out in GA: Audience > Technology > Browser & OS (Conversion Rate).
    • Now you can either call on the developer den or use a tool like HotJar to watch screen recordings of actual visitors.
  • Is your site not working on some devices? COVID-19 caused a behavior shift as the public is consuming content at skyrocketing rates and is using multiple devices to do it. So, make sure your site can handle this heightened behavior.
    • Let GA show you what’s up: Audience > Mobile > Devices (Bounce Rate)
    • You’re looking for an outlier. Engagement and conversion metrics will naturally vary across devices but it should be fairly similar.

Alrighty, fam we’re wrapping it up but Orbit Media covers much more. Move on over to catch the rest!


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