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How to Build a Brand Through Live Streaming [+ Examples]

Whether it’s marketing tutorials on LinkedIn, crafty how-tos on Pinterest, or trendy challenges on TikTok, you’ve probably watched your fair share of video content across just about all the social media platforms. It’s addicting, we get it.

Video is here to stay and the best part, it’s one of the most freely creative forms of content. If you’re still developing a solid video strategy, then check out these tips from Hubspot on building a brand through live streaming.

  • There’s a simple relationship between live streaming and authenticity. When you go live, you project who you are and what your brand is without filtering anything out off-camera. Though live content may not look as flawless and cleaned up as an edited video, it has its benefits.
  • Brand news and messages are great for live video. Think about the market for live news as we know it. People like hearing about things right as they happen. Speak to your audience directly and they’ll tune in.
  • Live interviews offer in-the-moment, captivating conversations people can connect with. More and more, people are enjoying the details in interviews many outlets would cut out. People can get the full scoop right away.
  • Webinars are best when they offer some engagement. You’re promising your audience some valuable insights, tools, or knowledge they can use in their professions, so let them engage with you in a live setting.
  • Include a live Q&A after your webinar or as a standalone event for an open line of communication. This will demonstrate you care about listening to the thoughts, questions, and concerns from your audience. Plus, Q&As help further position you as an expert if the session pertains to your field.

Hubspot covers product promotions and releases and influencer live streams plus examples of brands successfully using live streaming in this post, so give them a read.


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