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The 16 Best Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020

Regular check-ups on what’s working in the marketing world will keep your practice in tip-top shape. But boy, will it keep ya on your toes, ya know? Luckily, our friends at WordStream have us covered with their take on hot strategies to try out. Let’s get to it: 

  1. Educate with your content. This is content marketing 101, folks. Deliver content that is relevant, authoritative, and educational. Need we say more?
  2. Let data drive your creative. Images, video, illustrations, you name it, creative plays a big role in performance rates. Let data be the judge of what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Update your content. This fresh strategy saves you time as you aren’t spending it trying to pump out something new. Plus, it’s an easy win for higher ranking. 
  4. Expand your guest blogging opportunities. When you allow guest posting it’s a win, win, win scenario. Your guest leverages their expertise and that content becomes a relevant resource for your audience. Roll in the organic reach and potential gain of leads.
  5. Livestream. This daunting strategy continues its rise. It’s a free, easily-produced, authentic way to reach your audience. More importantly, it’s a rock-solid way to boost engagement.
  6. Host or join podcasts. Podcasting exploded in 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down. Tap into existing podcasts or start your own. Not sure where to start? Capitalize on the content you’ve previously published. Got a blog – talk about it!
  7. Set up automated email marketing campaigns. In case you forgot, we love email. And automating the process helps with customization from A/B testing to data-backed optimizations. 
  8. Test out augmented reality. This strategy isn’t one to be brushed off. It’s all about creating interactive content allowing consumers to preview products. 

We skipped around a bit on this one. Click over for all 16 marketing strategies to try in 2020!


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