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The Basics of A/B Testing on Social Media

A/B testing makes a tremendous difference for marketing to be effective. It gives us foresight into what will likely perform best. With all of the variables and tests, it becomes quite scientific. It never ends, but it’s not supposed to; there is always room for growth.

Likeable lists some of the common variations to test along with important considerations for your A/B testing on social media.

Video Length. You can expect shorter videos to work better on TikTok, but when video length is unrestricted, finding the sweet spot can take time. 6 seconds may be quick and compelling, but 15 or 30 seconds might hold the attention of viewers.

CTA Placement. When you encourage action, be sure that action can be taken easily. Try your CTA in the beginning, middle, and end of your content. People may click your CTA once they’ve reached the most compelling part of your content, so consider placing your CTA right around this spot.

Ad Format. Some channels have few available formats, so you aren’t left with tons of choices. Facebook, however, has many choices for ad and content delivery. Whatever the type of message you’re sending, pick a medium fit for getting your message across. For instance, a complex message can work well broken up and simplified in a video.

Last but not least, a few important considerations worth keeping in mind:

  • Your test results don’t always speak for your whole audience.
  • Keep an eye on the algorithm.
  • Make sure your audiences are large enough.
  • Set the standard for success beforehand.

The more you test and learn, the better your content is received. See more variations to test and considerations from Likeable.


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