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Understanding Apple iOS 15’s Privacy Updates

Let’s start this out with a big ‘ol “oof” heard from marketers everywhere trying to keep up with privacy and compliance rules. Apple’s WWDC21 announced A LOT. What does it all mean? Here’s the basics on the biggies that might be important to your marketing initiatives:

Private Relay: This will encrypt users’ internet traffic on Safari using two relays: one gives an anonymous IP address, the second sends the browsing query to the appropriate results. For the non-VPN nerds out there, traditional VPNs typically use one relay.

App Privacy Reports: New privacy reports will be available and include information such as which apps are using personal information, what kind of data, how frequently apps access device features (i.e. cameras, microphones, geographical data), and what data is being used for third-party tracking.

Mail Privacy Protection: This is a tab added to the Mail app itself. Users can decide how much personal information is shared with email senders. Users can also restrict access to their IP addresses and location information. Tracking pixels beware 👀

Hide My Email: This new feature enables the creation of single-use, randomly-generated email addresses that can be used to forward mail to users’ real accounts. Burner phone vibes.

Siri Updates: Our gal will soon be able to process audio without an internet connection. Siri will also be able to process speech right on devices, with the idea that it will help reduce nonconsensual audio recording.

The Drum dished up a detailed explanation of the keynote AND input from industry professionals.


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