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2nd place goes to YouTube!

YouTube keyword tips & planning for 2021 holidays.

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YouTube Channel Keywords: What Are They?

How often do y’all find yourselves going down rabbit holes based on YouTube’s recommendations? One video leads to another and then you’re late for a very important date, or perhaps a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Unsurprisingly, video descriptions, titles, keywords, and tags are all taken into account to help form YouTube’s recommendations. The same info is used to help you find the video you initially searched for (you know, the one you watched right before you fell into the rabbit hole.) Today, Semrush is here to break down YouTube channel keywords and what they are.

What are channel keywords on YouTube? To help your audience find your content on YouTube, you need to make sure YouTube knows what kind of content you produce. These keywords may indicate which industry your business is in, or a particular theme your content revolves around.

What keywords should you use for YouTube? SEO is imperative on YouTube – after all, YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. So when it comes to keywords, research is as important as ever. Think about what your audience might search for in order to find channels such as your own. Take a look at suggestions in YouTube Autocomplete and Google Trends to see exactly what people are searching for.

How many keywords can you use on YouTube?

  • Video titles: 1-3 keywords. Ensure they’re relevant and try to keep it to 60 characters.
  • Video description: With an allowance of 800 words, you can write as many relevant keywords as you see fit, but keyword stuffing won’t do any good.
  • Include keywords in your “About” section to provide an overview of your channel.
  • Channel tags: Up to 75 characters may be added.

Keep on reading for more details.

Privy Masterclass: Planning Your Marketable Moments in 2021

Planning promotions around holidays and special events is crucial for your eCommerce business. However, sometimes it’s a scramble as dates grow nearer and next thing you know, Valentine’s Day is in the rearview mirror.

Privy is here to keep you on top of 2021’s marketable moments with a special live masterclass featuring email marketing expert, Paul Ledoux. Boost your sales with tons of creative ways to craft your marketing offers around holidays.

Join in on Thursday, January 28 at 2:00 PM ET and you’ll leave with newfound holiday promotion insights plus our free calendar template with more than 35 holidays to get you started. See you there!

Metal Reviews

People leave some hardcore reviews for businesses and products. Some of these reviews are even beyond hardcore: they’re metal.

Lenovo brings us this tune based on a review of one of their new smartphones. This Swedish metal band incorporates The Verge’s review into a metal song that’ll have you screaming, “IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PERFORMANCE MONSTER!”

Ads from the Past

1959, Western Electric

“Not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email — they sign up for your brand.”

Bob Frady


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