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Searching for social media insights? Look no further.

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How to Put Your Results in Context With Competitive Insights

“How are we performing against the competition?” is an inevitable question from management. Once you’ve begun to see results from your social media efforts, your work is just getting started. In order to maintain that momentum, you have to stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do that is through competitive insights and benchmarking.

Here’s how:

  • Put Your Performance in Perspective. See how your owned performance stacks up to your industry and competitors. Use those competitive insights to fuel your channel strategy.
  • Use the Right Tools. Not all insights are going to just pop out to you. You need the right tools on your belt to help you identify and predict trends. Dash Hudson provides social media publishing, analytics, and even shopping solutions to get you there.
  • Dive Deep into Your Competition’s Strategy. Track what your competition is doing with visual competitor analysis tools. Trust us, doing this manually is faulty and just plain infuriating. Dash Hudson can automate your research and audits.
  • A Creative First Approach. Great creative = success on social. Predict where you should focus your creative in order to beat the competition. You can do this by monitoring competitors’ top-performing content, or by leveraging AI-technology which predicts what assets will perform for your brand.

Ready to gain insight into key trends by tracking the competitors and metrics you care about most? See Dash Hudson’s full lineup of features to make your social media management more manageable.

Q for You

The dust hasn't settled yet, but we wanna know – How many of you have left Twitter because of Elon Musk's ownership?

TikTok Caption Generator by Copy.ai

Stumped for social captions or need some inspiration? Grab a caption to your TikTok videos with this free caption generator by Copy.ai!

How to use the TikTok caption generator:

  1. Enter what the video is about and what action you’d like the viewer to perform after watching your TikTok.
  2. Click the “Create Copy” button to see the generator make word magic.
  3. Check out the 5 caption options and copy what you like!

Everyone needs a little robot somewhere. See how this little guy can help your captions out.

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A Flammable Planet

Wildfires are a global issue. WWF released this beautiful and tragic PSA about halting deforestation, changing the way land is used and fighting climate change. It follows the story of a rabbit fleeing flames.

The short film was shot entirely with traditional stop motion, using slow-motion, time-lapse, and long exposure techniques to create a stunning result.


Ads from the Past

1905, Gillette


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