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New Thought Leader Ad Feature on LinkedIn

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Later this month, LinkedIn will expand the Thought Leader Ad format so that advertisers can sponsor content from members that aren’t necessarily employees.

This means you can showcase voices outside your organization—from industry experts to customers themselves—to serve as influential and trusted brand advocates.

Here’s how:

  1. Login to Campaign Manager to set up a Thought Leader ad for a page that you manage.
  2. Search for a first- or second-degree connection by name or by post URL.
  3. Select a post from a list of content published by the user.
  4. The user will then be prompted to approve or deny your request.

Discover more about Thought Leader Ads at LinkedIn.

Q for You

Does your brand or organization have plans to increase first-party data sets in response to cookie deprecation?


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Double Take

Grooming brand Manscaped has reimagined male anatomy with an undeniably original visual metaphor in a campaign called, simply, “The Boys.”

The creatives behind the spot call it “disarmingly dumb,” which is an aspirational brief TBH.

Ads from the Past

Hardie's, 1958

Hardie’s, 1958


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