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Across The Keyword Universe 🚀

Weigh keyword signals to find what works.

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What is A Keyword Universe?

A Keyword Universe is a big pool that surfaces the most important keywords at the top and lives in a spreadsheet or database. SEOs continuously launch new keywords here for writers to draw from.

Here’s how to build a keyword universe:

  1. Mine. Build a long list of keywords using third-party rank trackers, customer conversations, Google Suggest, and competitor ranks to get ideas.
  2. Align. It’s crucial to create filters and sorting mechanisms to prioritize keywords beyond just search volume before targeting. Try using weighted signals to sum and score keyword priority, such as:
    • MSV (monthly search volume)
    • KD (keyword difficulty) / competitiveness
    • (MSV * KD) / CPC
    • Traffic potential
    • Conversions from paid search or other channels
    • Keyword is mentioned in customer conversation
    • Keyword is part of a topic that converts well
    • Growing or shrinking MSV
    • Query modifier indicates users are ready to take action like “buy” or “download”
  3. Refine. Adjust signal weighting based on your results. If it’s working, conversions should increase as your build new content or update existing content.

Dig in to this tactic at Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

Tubi has unveiled a new logo and brand identity (right).


Because actually my job... it's just email

Dreaming of inbox zero again? Superhuman AI is cool because it writes emails for you, summarizes long conversation threads, responds to voice commands, and generates instant replies based on your cues. This last feature might sound familiar—you’ve seen Gmail’s auto-reply suggestions—but Superhuman AI drafts an entire response, matching the existing tone in the thread.

That Indescribable Feeling

She’s back! AMC is rolling out three new in-theater ads featuring Nicole Kidman, the face of their iconic and much-memed “We Make Movies Better” campaign.

The Academy Award-winning actress has romanced early theatergoers since 2021, wistfully haunting the hallowed halls of an empty theater while reciting a melodramatic soliloquy about movies.

Somehow, when Nicole Kidman says, “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this,” you believe her.

Nicole Kidman

Ads from the Past

Radio Shack 1979

Radio Shack, 1979


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