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You’re killin’ me smalls

plus – content tips from top authors, GirlBoss professional network, and Elon hiring.

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Tips From Best-Selling Authors That Will Polish Your Content

Good writers know how to grab your attention and wait for it…

Keep it. 

We can all take a page from some of the best selling authors and apply it to our own content strategy.

Here are some tips to keep you on the right track.

  • Remove everything that’s not part of the story: Think about what the text is actually adding to your story. If it doesn’t add anything, get rid of it. “Ruthlessly cut everything that isn’t necessary from your content,” says Stephen King.
  • Read. Read everything you can lay hands on: Find someone whose content is consistently shared and pay close attention to their writing style. It’s important to be well-versed, so don’t limit yourself to your own industry. Read as many writing styles as possible.
  • Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very’: This tip comes from Mark Twain. Don’t use the word ‘very’ as an intensifier. Replace it with something more active or cut it. Here are 128 words to use instead of ‘very’.
  • Keep it simple: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” said Albert Einstein. Keep your content simple and relatable by staying away from jargon and corporate speak.
  • Cut out exclamation points: F. Scott Fitzgerald thinks exclamation points are like laughing at your own joke. Don’t ‘articulate attitude with punctuation.’ Let your readers choose their own emotions.

Check out a few more below.


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You’re Killin’ Me Smalls

For those of you who grew up in the 90s, ‘The Sandlot’ was a staple summer film. It’s been 26 years since its debut. 😱

With the 4th of July only two days away, we thought it’d be fitting to reminisce. Enjoy the cast reunion below.

Ads from the Past


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