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Ads for a Rainy Day

Wait ’til you hear about this…

Local Business PPC: 8 Tactics To Grow Local Conversions

We are huge fans of PPC advertising, which might seem strange since we never talk about it in here. We just figured you guys have it on lockdown. But one part of PPC that we notice people don’t have on lockdown is local PPC.

It’s super effective…when done right (like all things). And Klientboost is here to help you do it right today. Yay, KlientBoost!

Let’s kick it over to them…

1) Ad Groups

First, do you have your Campaigns and Ad Groups structured correctly? We’re huuuuge fans of single keyword ad groups. That means your ad groups target just one keyword and one keyword only. It’s a great way to increase your Relevance Scores and keep costs low in Adwords.

2) Ad Extensions

Please, please, please tell us that you’re using Ad Extensions. If you’re not, you should (at the very least) be using:

  • Location Extensions – Directs people to the closest store
  • Call Extensions – Gives people the ability to call you right from the ad
  • Review Extensions – Self-explanatory, no?
  • Dynamic Sitelink Extensions – Links to other, relevant parts of your website

3) Mobile Optimization

Local searches almost definitely take place on mobile phones. On Adwords, you can consider bid adjustments for mobile users. But Facebook has a better feature for you here — proximity ads.

4) Big Name Competitors’ Branded Keywords

Heard of Starbucks? If you’re a coffee shop, try running search ads on the phrase “starbucks near me”. Competitor brand name bidding can be an effective strategy. It can also suck. But, it’s worth testing.

5) Weather Triggered Ad Copy

One of the coolest local features of Adwords is also one of the most advanced. You can actually have ads trigger based on the weather. People’s shopping habits change with the weather. For example, if you have a restaurant with a huge outdoor space, it might make sense to advertise that on sunny summer days. Read more about this tactic from Google.

We’ve only covered about half the tips from KlientBoost here. Click through for all of it.

Are You Missing Out on These SEO Opportunities?

We’re getting help from Search Engine Journal today talking organic search opportunities. They are taking us through organic search strategies that can improve rankings and increase click-through rates.

Who wouldn’t want that?

We’re jumping right to it today, ’cause we got lots to cover.

1. Focus on organic keywords. This involves a little keyword research. But you wanna identify words your customers are actually using to find your business. Google works well, but also try out Twitter and Instagram. When people tag you in their post see what kind of hashtags they are using too.

Tip: leverage long-tail keywords. “Content marketing” probably has high competition but “content marketing for the retail industry” might work better for you.

2. Encourage more reviews. Customer reviews are the pot of gold to a leprechaun’s rainbow. Plus, reviews help you get a head start on what kind of long-tail keywords to use. Don’t have much to pick from? Here’s how to get more reviews:

  • Initiatives. We don’t mean paying for a review. That has bad news bears written all over it.
  • Make leaving a review painless and include multiple opportunities to do so.

3. Amplify visual marketing. If you had to guess, how much could you increase a check-out page’s conversion rate by simply adding customer photos? Keep in mind quality doesn’t matter here. The important thing is authenticity. So others can relate to that review and put a face to the words.

Tip: User-generated content is like being the only kid on the playground. There’s so much that can be done!

Oh, almost forgot. It’s a 24% increase. Yeah, crazy right?

4. Optimize for mobile. SEJ reported, 53.9% of all online purchases are expected to happen via mobile phone by 2021.

Tip: Accommodate for the smaller screen, a shorter attention span, and localize content around language, currency, and measurements based on audience location.

See what else Search Engine Journal has to offer on this topic. You know what to do!

You Better Run

Keep on Running.

For most people in the world running is about staying healthy and being fit (props to you if you’re one of those people). Obviously, running has its benefits, but in our opinion, these benefits go way beyond just fitness. There are so many times running comes in handy. You know, like when…

  • You’re late to work
  • You’re about to miss your flight
  • Zombies are chasing you (but, like, how fast can the undead really move?)
  • See without running, in one of these scenarios, you could be dead, fired, or flightless! And nobody wants that.

When it comes down to one of these survival of the fittest moments, Iceland’s Reykjavik Marathon knows what’s up.

Their newest ad was created in only two days and actually made us want to get running. Heck, maybe even sign up for a marathon! The commercial is fun, upbeat, and different from any other marathon commercial we’ve seen.

Hurry up and go check it out!

“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”

Amrita Sahasrabudhe

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