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AI is Killing SEO

And other SEO myths.

May you not have to put out any fires today.

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9 SEO Myths to Say Goodbye to in 2024

Let’s bust some stubborn SEO myths:

  1. “AI is killing SEO.” Until generative AI tools can deliver well-written, accurate results with expert insights every time—and not just a bland list of scraped data—people will be using search engines to find information.
  2. “SEO is a one-time thing.” It’s not a box you can check. It’s an ongoing process that needs your attention to thrive.
  3. “High keyword density is important.” Thanks to advanced algorithms that better understand context, you can limit your keyword usage to what feels like natural language.
  4. “You can rank with just a hand full of articles.” You need some volume and velocity to establish authority and outperform competitors.
  5. “You can rank without backlinks.” It might work for non-competitive niches, but you’ll need a backlink strategy to target more competitive keywords.
  6. “Duplicate content gets you penalized.” Google accounts for duplicate content as a thing that happens, and there aren’t punitive measures for it.
  7. “Google cares about Domain Authority or Domain Rating.” They’re useful indicators for website quality, but Google doesn’t use them to determine ranking.
  8. “SEO is all about ranking first.” Positions two, three, and four can also drive significant valuable traffic for you.
  9. The keyword in the URL is a ranking factor.” Your time is better spent on developing high quality content.

Check out the full post at Entrepreneur.

Q for You

Do you subscribe to paid tiers of any generative AI services?

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A live recreation of the This is Fine meme with a man in a hat seated at a table while the room is on fire

This Is Fine

At one point or another, and maybe several times a week, we’ve all identified with that canon meme with the little dog wearing a hat in a kitchen that is on fire. HR company Deel has animated that meme with a new spot depicting an HR manager in rising peril. Honestly, it’s surprising this concept wasn’t executed sooner.

Ads from the Past

Western Electric, 1959

Western Electric, 1959


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