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Well, this is interesting

plus – bite-sized storage, the best office pranks, and GoPro competition.

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Pay Attention

Does your marketing copy need some direction? If yes, we have something for you to try.


The AIDA model dates back to the late nineteenth century and is one of the longest serving models used in advertising. A bunch of folks have written on the AIDA model, but we think Neville Medorah from Kopywriting Kourse nailed it.

Here’s how Neville breaks it down:

Attention: Get their attention with something catchy and relevant.

Interest: Tell them interesting facts or uses.

Desire: Make them desire the product/service.

Action: Get them to take an action.

Who should use the AIDA formula?

If you’re selling a product, service or just trying to convince someone to take action, the AIDA formula is for you.

Why should you use the AIDA formula?

One of the most obvious benefits for you (the writer), is that AIDA provides a simple and clear template for your copy structure. On the flip side, your reader benefits from a logical structure that gets them interested and hopefully closes the deal.

Read more on the AIDA formula below.

What color is it?

Here’s a cool one.

Color-Palette. This nifty tool extracts up to 10 dominating colors from your image.

It also gives you the hex codes. We give it 👍 x 2.

12 Office Pranks

Here are some fun facts about Netflix:

  • The most-watched show: The Office
  • Number of paying users: 140 million
  • Yearly revenue: $15.8 billion

Now, enjoy 12 of the best Office pranks on Dwight Schrute.

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