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Is this creepy?

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Be in the Know

  • ‘Paid partnership with’…Instagram is rolling out a new branded ad content format. The goal is to better connect advertisers and influencers.
  • Facebook is considering giving users the option to control when chats disappear. #privacy
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Your Marketing Roadmap

There’s a good chance when you’re driving somewhere new, you open up Google Maps or Waze. No disrespect MapQuest.

The app of your choice conveniently tells you where to go and voila.

Do you know where you’re going with your marketing plan? Do you have a roadmap?

If you don’t, you’re about to. If you do, maybe you’ll find a nugget in the following exercise. 3-2-1-GO.

Step 1: How will your product move the market? Start with 2 boxes and answer the following questions; Where is the market today? Where do you want the market to be?

Step 2: Who are your target personas? Write them out. For example, Director of Marketing, Content Manager, etc.

Step 3: Map out your company narrative to each persona by noting various pain points. Our Director of Marketing persona may read like this: “Am I actually seeing ROI on these Facebook Ads? Does our content make a difference on the bottom line?

Step 4: Lead your persona on a journey. After you draw out pain points, it’s time to educate on how your product or service can help. Break it down into stages; Awareness, Consideration, Purchase.

For our Director of Marketing persona, the awareness stage might consist of an article on what a paid strategy looks like in terms of ROI.

The consideration stage could be a case study of a similar company having success with Facebook ads.

The purchase stage might be a demo or day in the life guide of your product or service.

Ok, that was longer than usual. Sry. But, hopefully, it steers you in the right direction.

Let’s Get Creepy

Do you know how people are interacting with your website? Where are they clicking? How long are they spending on the site? You get the point.

Sure, you can use Google Analytics for that data, but sometimes it’s better to actually see it.

Enter Hotjar. This amazing tool helps you eliminate guesswork with recordings of visitors on your website. You can see where they click, how they navigate their mouse and where they get held up at.

There are a ton of features including tagging, polls, conversion funnels and more.

What we like: It’s overwhelmingly awesome. The pricing is on point.

What we don’t like: n/a


Stats show that 50% of folks on our list are huge ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.

That’s actually not a real stat, but we figured some of y’all are into GOT.

The trailer dropped yesterday and it’s 🔥. Winter is, fortunately, ending here, but it’s coming to your screen on April 14th.

Watch party anyone?

PS: If you’re not into ‘Game of Thrones’ at all, don’t fret. Here’s your watch for the day. 😉

Ads from the Past

“I’m freakin’ out man.”

UFO Detector completely wired for $17.95 and a money-back guarantee in the 1960s.


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