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Instagram is about to change the game for how you make money from social media.

Instagram Shoppable Post Tags

Remember when single-word .coms were available before everyone started buying them up faster than Unicorn frapps? (Sorry if you had to settle for a .net)

Well, Instagram accounts are becoming just as valuable and rare. Some 12-year-old kid in middle America may be populating an Insta account with bad selfies and blurry food pics under your business name. Shoulda got on that back in 2010!

The value is in this here game changer: Shoppable Tags.

Post a product pic and tag it with a link to the product page. No need to reference that played-out bio link—just straight sell your ish.

When they first launched this feature, it was only available to certain accounts like J Crew and Warby Parker. Finally, we are just a few steps away from all business accounts turning tags to cash.

Today’s Listen is actually a video, but seriously LISTEN UP. This is a big deal for businesses and influencers. You don’t want to be the person with the .net-equivalent of an Insta account…

5 Ways to Get Low-Cost Facebook Conversions

Facebook advertising works. We preach that on the daily to our clients. Really, we should just print that out on a poster and hang it on our wall.

If you’re not setting up your Facebook ads correctly, it can be expensive and won’t get you any real results. For example, targeting everyone in the US, just because your company operates in the US, is a common mistake.

Luckily for us, WordStream published a killer guide about 5 ways to get low-cost Facebook conversions. Here they are:

  1. Have rock solid ad targeting
  2. Make sure your visuals stand out
  3. Use copy that actually speaks to your audience
  4. Seriously test your ads
  5. Use remarketing

The best part? We ungated the content for you.

Blog Posts: Maximize Your Reach with the Right Topics

Close your eyes for a second. Actually, no, don’t do that because then you can’t read this. Let’s imagine something, though.

Your company has never blogged before and you decide to start publishing twice a week for two years to see how it goes. That’s about 208 blogs you’re going to publish. How do you come up with 208 blog topics? That’s a problem many people face—they run out of ideas after a few months and they stop blogging.

Today, Rand Fishkin is talking about a ton of great ways to think of new blog ideas and topics that we think are pretty dang helpful.

Here are just some his strategies for creating new content:

  1. Do you have access to unique data that your competitors don’t?
  2. Can you answer any questions better than your competitors already have?
  3. Is there a way you can relate to current or “hot” news?
  4. What else do your readers care about?

He goes really deep in on these ideas. Take a break and watch this one.

“People spend money when and where they feel good.”
Walt Disney

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