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Case of the Mondaze

Accepting failure is only the beginning…

Rough Rookie Seasons

In marketing, you’re going to fail sometimes. It sucks, but it happens, so it’s best to just accept it now. More importantly — don’t just accept failure, learn from it.

Learning from failure is what makes great marketers, athletes, leaders, etc. In case you haven’t guessed, failure is the hot topic for today’s Listen. We figured everyone could use a little motivation on a Monday. (There’s been a lot of this and this in the office today…but less cute.)

So, join us in welcoming a new podcast from Gimlet Media and Gatorade, which interviews athletes and how failure shaped them! We really think they’re onto something.

This episode features a few NFL players you’ve heard of — Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning. They drop some valuable lessons about failure. 

We know it’s not directly related to marketing, but what you’ll hear will definitely help your career. You’ve got 20 minutes to help your career, right?

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15 of the Best Marketing Email Campaigns You’ve Ever Seen

Like we said, you could probably use some Monday Motivation, and we’re bringing you the heat courtesy of HubSpot. They’ve curated a charismatic list of their favorite email campaign examples — the ones that stake a claim in even the most busiest of inboxes. (We’ll cut ‘em some slack for not including us yet.)

Their list includes campaigns with outstanding copy, important personalization, interesting graphics, and meaningful calls-to-action. Read on to see what makes each one so worthy of your time and inbox space. Maybe some of your beloved brands are featured. Here’s the list if you want to jump ahead to your faves — or your future faves.

  1. charity: water
  2. BuzzFeed
  3. Uber
  4. TheSkimm
  5. Mom and Dad Money
  6. Poncho
  7. Birchbox
  8. Postmates
  9. Dropbox
  10. InVision App
  11. Warby Parker
  12. Cook Smarts
  13. HireVue
  14. Paperless Post
  15. Stitcher

The Best Tesla Commercials

Although no one here owns a Tesla, we usually start drooling when we see one. So, when Tesla decided to have a contest to see who could create the best ad, we perked up. Telsas and advertising? ::Swoon::

The contest winners were announced last Friday. The 3 finalists were all crazy creative, but our favorite was the ad that actually came in 2nd place titled, “Spaceships for Earth”.

See all the ads in today’s Watch.

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